Bible Lands Adventure

Hey Parents!

Bring your children to Biblical History Center during June and July for a three-day camp.

Bible Lands Adventure takes place each Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday in the months of June and July (aside from the week of the 4th). Your children will be here from 10.00 am – 12.00 pm. Each day, we will focus on something different and each day includes a lesson, activity, snack, and craft.


Lesson: Life in the Desert
Activity: Cheese Making

Lesson: Food in the Ancient World
Activity: Bread Making

Lesson: Biblical Archaeology
Activity: Kid’s Dig

$15 per child per day

There is a maximum of 35 children per day.


Call us soon because dates are already filling fast!

Please contact Morgan. 706-885-0363 or

Hope to see you all soon!