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Announcing Our New Name


BHC_Logo_3We are changing our name from Explorations in Antiquity Center to Biblical History Center.

This decision was in the discussion phase for a couple of years and in our strategic planning meeting early this year (2015) we identified it as an immediate need.

While the name Explorations in Antiquity has served us well for nearly 10 years, a few key factors figured into the decision to change to Biblical History Center.

  • Easier to remember – while Explorations in Antiquity is descriptive of who we are, folks have just had a hard time remembering it, and pronouncing it – sometimes with hilarious results such as Explorations in Iniquity Center.  We believe the new name will be simpler for our visitors and potential visitors.
  • Enhanced Web searches – the second way people find us (the first is word of mouth) is through the internet.  People will find us easier because our name will be simpler to remember and spell.
  • Biblical History Center is a better description of what we do and who we are.  We are an archaeological museum exploring daily life in ancient (biblical) times.  We do this through interactive learning experiences based on sound archaeology and scholarship.

The transition will take several months, but please know that the only thing changing is our name.  Biblical History Center will continue to offer the same great teaching and learning opportunities we always have, for visitors of all ages!

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