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“Troup Trends” Writes about Biblical History Center

We love to hear the reactions of visitor’s experiences at Biblical History Center. Some leave the Center with a new sense of understanding, other can’t help but exclaim, “I have to tell my friends about this place!” The front desk staff constantly have smiles on their faces as visitors sing praises while walking out the door. Those are the reactions we strive for. However wonderful those personal exclamations may be, it is always touching to read publications about Biblical History Center.

Writers do not have to sing praises. It is his or her job to give an honest account of the experience he or she had at the Center. Because of that, we love it when bloggers, columnists, or travel writers take the time to review their time in written word. Recently, Misty Ree, known locally as the Mystery Traveler, wrote a special article in the Troup Trends magazine. Ms. Ree commented on just about every event that takes place at Biblical History Center. She talked about how her tour guide, Vern, did in fact “cause the scripture to come off the page.” We cannot ask for a better description than that.

Thank you Ms. Ree for taking the time to write your article about us. We cannot express the amount of joy it brings our staff to read such touching words.

Please feel free to read a copy of the article. We have attached it below in PDF format.

“Troup Trends” article by Misty Ree

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