Museum opening hours: Tuesday - Saturday; 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Year: 2018

Thanks to our supporters, the Roman Theater and Biblical Life Artifacts Gallery are an integral part of our exhibit! Like in the antiquity, our Roman Theater is the center of our events. We look forward to using it for our upcoming Easter Sunrise Service and Roman Army Day! Biblical History Center is so thankful for its supporters, like you. Let's revisit an exciting phase in our development as we raised funds to complete our Roman Theater and Market Street: In 2011, after two years of fundraisi [...]

With an extremely tight operating budget, the good works of the Biblical History Center would be impossible without the dependable devotion of its docents. A steady docent for 10 years, Brent Conrad is one of a team of a dozen docents who help visitors gain a new understanding of life in ancient times. You are raising a family, working full-time and still you make the time to volunteer every Saturday and every weekend night in December. What motivates you to do so? I enjoy sharing the knowledge [...]

Almond Tree Announces Spring A harbinger of spring’s arrival at the Center are the pale pink blossoms on the almond tree. The tree crowns the highest terrace of the Archaeological Replica Garden. Revered in art, music and literature since at least biblical times, the tree represents hope and rebirth.  The Hebrew name for the tree is “shaked,” which means to awaken. Its name was given because the almond is the first tree to awake from winter (usually in February). Jeremiah 1:11-12 admonished the [...]