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Q&A with Docent, Brent Conrad

With an extremely tight operating budget, the good works of the Biblical History Center would be impossible without the dependable devotion of its docents. A steady docent for 10 years, Brent Conrad is one of a team of a dozen docents who help visitors gain a new understanding of life in ancient times.

You are raising a family, working full-time and still you make the time to volunteer every Saturday and every weekend night in December. What motivates you to do so?

I enjoy sharing the knowledge I’ve acquired from Dr. Fleming over the years. Some people play golf, hunt or fish for enjoyment. Giving tours is my “fun time.”

What is your volunteer role at BHC and what is one achievement in that role that you are proud of?

I currently serve as a docent and am a past board member. I’m really proud of being fortunate enough to serve as project manager for a local contractor during the original construction of the center.

Do you have a life changing or heartwarming story from one of your tours?

Once during a Biblical Meal I was about to explain why Jews leave the door open to the room where they are having their Passover meal. I was about to tell them they do this to invite a certain prophet to come and announce the coming of Messiah. One guest had a 5-month-old baby who was getting a little antsy so I offered to hold him so mom and dad could eat. I asked what his name was before continuing with my story. The reply was Elijah, which of course is for whom the Jews are leaving the door open. I’m sure the other attendees thought my young friend was a “plant”!

What have you learned from the visitors?

There is a great hunger to learn more about Scripture.

What area/section of the Biblical History Center fascinates you the most?

It’s a tossup between the New Testament and Old Testament tombs and the Canaanite spear in the artifacts gallery. The wooden spear shaft was made by my brother Bart as a walking stick but it was mysteriously transformed into a spear shaft.

What do you like to do when you’re not working/ volunteering?

Spending time with my wife Catherine and daughters Lia, Kara, and Jenna.

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