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About Us / Meet Our Team

BIBLICAL HISTORY CENTER OUR HISTORY - Where the ancient world comes to life

An archaeological museum
exploring daily life IN ANCIENT TIMES

The Biblical History Center (formerly called Explorations in Antiquity) in LaGrange, Georgia helps people encounter the ancient biblical world through its history and culture. Through authentic archaeological replicas, Biblical meal presentations, daily life artifacts in the Biblical Life Artifacts Gallery, lectures, and other personal experiences, ancient Middle Eastern life comes back to life today.

  • 2006

    Thanks in part to wonderful donors and support from the Callaway Foundation, we opened our doors in the Summer of 2006.

  • 2016

    In 2016, we celebrated 10 years of sharing the daily life of men and women from the ancient world with over 75,000 visitors.


    We are always looking for new and engaging ways to help visitors experience daily life in the ancient world.


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Bringing Ancient History to Life!

The Biblical History Center is a living museum of life in the ancient world with special focus on daily life in ancient Israel.  Step back into Ancient Middle Eastern life — experience our functional, large-scale archaeological replicas, Biblical meal presentations, lectures, and many other interactive experiences that allow you to live ancient history yourself! Transform your understanding of history through our hands-on exhibits and tours.

  • Sit in an authentic goat-hair tent like the nomadic shepherds have lived in for thousands of years
  • See tombs like those in which Abraham and Jesus might have been buried
  • Explore a replicated village and city gate area to see what life was like 2000 years ago
  • Dine with the ancients as you share a Passover-style meal much like that which Jesus ate at the Last Supper

Our museum strives to provide engaging ways in which visitors can experience the daily life of the ancient world.  In the Time Tunnel, you will learn about the worship practices of pagans, Jews, and Christians by exploring replicas of excavated houses of worship. The Archaeological Replica Garden houses 23 life-size replicas of structures found in excavation in Israel, Malta, and Jordan.  The Biblical Meal is a full four-course meal with food items that were available in the ancient world.  Children have the opportunity to bake bread just like ancient nomadic peoples in the Shepherd’s Bread Experience and/or participate in an archaeology-style Kid’s Dig that teaches them all about the past and the world of the archaeologist. We also are one of eight museums in the world to house a long-term collection of artifacts from the Israeli Antiquity Authority in our Biblical Life Artifacts Gallery.

Visit with us to have an experience you’ll never forget!


The goal of the Biblical History Center is to help people understand the Bible and the ancient world in its historical and cultural context. We do this by providing exact replicas of ancient life settings coupled with cutting-edge teaching based on the most up-to-date evidence and information in the fields of archaeology and biblical scholarship.


The Biblical History Center is a qualified 501(c)(3) non-profit museum. All donations are tax-deductible. Your donations are greatly appreciated and necessary for the continuation of the Center.

For projects you can participate in and specific needs of the Center, please go to our latest news page.

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Bringing the ancient world to life!


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