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Kid’s Dig

Kid’s Dig

One of our most precious opportunities is helping history come to life for kids of all ages.  Especially for that purpose we have constructed four archaeological pits for kids to learn the purpose of archaeology—and to have a good time! Three of the pits are based on actual archaeological excavations from different time periods—from about the time of the Exodus to the 2nd century AD. One of the pits is dedicated to our youngest archaeologists and is filled with dinosaur remains and fossils.

When a group of children comes to dig with us, we take the time to help them understand what an archaeologist does and how they work. We teach archaeological techniques and explain why excavating is done in a specific way. As they dig, we supervise their progress, helping them to understand each step’s purpose. Using a combination of real artifacts and replicas buried in the sand, we help our junior archaeologists reconstruct history.

At the end of the dig time we hold a press conference in each of the dig areas, recognizing the work of each team and discussing their finds. Using the artifacts, the excavation areas and deduction, we reach a conclusion about each dig area, what the people may have been like in that time and what we can learn for our own lives from their history. Afterwards each junior archaeologist is presented with a certificate to remember their special day in the sand!

Great for youth groups, birthday parties, school groups and neighborhood activities!  Kid’s digs are group events requiring a minimum of 8 children.  

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