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Biblical Meal Production

Biblical Meal Production

*Bring History to Life with a Tour and Biblical Meal to Follow!*

 Rates & Duration

**Adult (13+ years):** $64.88
**Child (6-12 years):** $39.88
**Infant (5 years and under): Free**

*All Ages Welcome*

**The tour and meal package collectively runs approximately 3 hours long.**The tour itself runs for 1.5 hours****
## About the Biblical Meal & Tour Package

**The Tour**
The highlight of any visit to the Biblical History Center is a walk through the archaeological replica garden where full-scale reconstructions of structures relevant to daily life in Biblical times bring history to life. Four areas of ancient life are represented in our Archaeological Replica Garden: Life of the Shepherd, Life of the Farmer, Life of the Village, and Roman Theater and Market Street. Your tour, whether with one of our guides or on your own, will leave you with a new understanding of life in Old and New Testament times.

**The Biblical Meal**
The Biblical Meal is a four-course meal consisting of 15 different food items, including soup, salad, fruit, main course, dessert and all beverages (grape juice or water). Your guide will explain ancient meal practices including Passover and the Last Supper, and the setting of the table for reconciliation. All of this will be done in our 1st century-style dining rooms, at our triclinium-esque tables.

*Reservations are required*

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