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Archaeological Replica Garden Tour Production

The highlight of any visit to the Biblical History Center is a walk through the Archaeological Replica Garden where full-scale reconstructions of structures relevant to daily life in Biblical times bring history to life. Four areas of ancient life are represented in our Archaeological Replica Garden: Life of the Shepherd, Life of the Farmer, Life [...]

Biblical Life Artifacts Gallery

The Biblical Life Artifacts Gallery is an amazing opportunity to peer back across the ages to see what daily life was like in ancient times. The 250 artifacts from the National Treasures of Israel, on long-term collection from the Israel Antiquities Authority, are exhibited in life-like settings. We are privileged to be one of only eight [...]

Biblical Meal Production

*Bring History to Life with a Tour and Biblical Meal to Follow!* ___________________________________  Rates & Duration **Adult (13+ years):** $64.88 **Child (6-12 years):** $39.88 **Infant (5 years and under): Free** *All Ages Welcome* **The tour and meal package collectively runs approximately 3 hours long.**The tour itself runs for 1.5 hours**** __________________________________ ## About the Biblical [...]

Kid’s Dig

One of our most precious opportunities is helping history come to life for kids of all ages.  Especially for that purpose we have constructed four archaeological pits for kids to learn the purpose of archaeology—and to have a good time! Three of the pits are based on actual archaeological excavations from different time periods—from about the time [...]

Shepherd’s Bread Experience

One of our most important goals at the Biblical History Center is to allow people to experience the ancient world in a personal way. Therefore, we offer several hands-on opportunities and productions. Making bread like the shepherds in the desert have for thousands of years is one of those opportunities. We begin by entering the [...]

Time Tunnel

There are self-explanatory signs posted on the arches, but arrangements can be made for a private production through the ruins of these four ancient houses of worship for a nominal fee. Please take time to look at the columns located in front of each worship center as they show the progression of architectural styles through [...]

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