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Revisiting the Roman Theatre and Market Street Building Campaign

Thanks to our supporters, the Roman Theater and Biblical Life Artifacts Gallery are an integral part of our exhibit! Like in the antiquity, our Roman Theater is the center of our events. We look forward to using it for our upcoming Easter Sunrise Service and Roman Army Day! Biblical History Center is so thankful for its supporters, like you.

Let’s revisit an exciting phase in our development as we raised funds to complete our Roman Theater and Market Street:

In 2011, after two years of fundraising efforts, we have been able to raise enough money to complete Phase 1 of the lower portion of the Roman Theater and adjacent market street. In these difficult economic times when donations to many educational non-profit organizations have been down by 50%, we have been grateful for the continued support and vision of friends of EIA. 

Fortunately the Callaway Foundation, Inc. said they would not require us to raise the entire projected amount before assisting us with matching grants. They were willing to help us with Phase 1, the lower theater, stage and market street. The $150,000 we raised was generously matched (dollar for dollar), enabling the beautiful construction pictured. 

An important educational point influencing the vision of our museum is to have our reconstructions within a living cultural and archaeological setting of how they would have been utilized by people in antiquity. Our theater, for example, is in the exact center of our archaeological exhibit reconstructions. Beyond the stage one can see 180 degrees of “props” to illustrate an infinite possibility of scenes from the life of the shepherd, farmer and village in Biblical times. 

Sounding brasses (used for enhancing audio effects at the theater) can be seen on the state, as well as a box seat for the governor at the far left. Though this first seven rows of the theater can seat only 90 people, when completing the widening arcs of the upper eight rows, the capacity will expand to 350-400. We hope the completed theater may help us host a variety of educational and fundraising events featuring meaningful musical and dramatic offerings to the public. 

It is now time to begin raising funds for the Biblical Life Artifacts Gallery to be built under the upper rows of the theater. This most exciting phase of the project is explained in the next pages. We have expanded this newsletter in order to share with you our excitement about the next phase of this project. 


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Planting a Seed

Almond Tree Announces Spring

A harbinger of spring’s arrival at the Center are the pale pink blossoms on the almond tree. The tree crowns the highest terrace of the Archaeological Replica Garden. Revered in art, music and literature since at least biblical times, the tree represents hope and rebirth. 

The Hebrew name for the tree is “shaked,” which means to awaken. Its name was given because the almond is the first tree to awake from winter (usually in February). Jeremiah 1:11-12 admonished the Israelites to wake up like a blossoming almond branch.

The Bible makes numerous references to almonds as a valuable commodity and symbol of hope. In Genesis 43:11, for example, a famine in Canaan prompts Jacob to ask his sons to go to Egypt to buy grain. He told them, “Take some of the choice fruits of the land in your bags, and carry down to the man a present, a little balm and a little honey, gum, myrrh, pistachio nuts, and almonds.”

Like the olive tree, the almond tree provided life-sustaining resources for the ancients. They made a milk of almond meal and water, which was used as a beverage and an ingredient in other foods. Even flour was made with almonds.

Thanks to a kind contribution by one of our donors, we were able to plant a new almond tree in the Archaeological Replica Garden this winter. The seed (sapling) has been planted. We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of spring and the opportunity to further visitors’ experiences with the ancient world!

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Walk Where Jesus Walked

Join us for an Amazing trip to Israel

Celebrating our 10th anniversary in Egypt with our Biblical History Center friends was so remarkable that we scheduled another exclusive trip! Haven’t you always wanted to experience an unforgettable, life-changing Holy Land tour? Here is your chance!

With each trip booked, Biblical Resources will donate $150 to the Biblical History Center.

WHERE: Israel and Jordan

WHEN: April 29 – May 13, 2017

COST: $4,900 per person (includes round trip airfare from Atlanta or Houston)

WHAT: Jim Fleming and Hannaniah Pinto will take our group to villages, ancient sites and places you have only read about in the Bible. Scripture will come to life as you float in the Dead Sea, visit the Garden of Gethsemane where Jesus prayed and the Jordan River site where John baptized Jesus. History, geography, archaeology and theology are woven together in a way unique to the teachings of Fleming and Pinto. 

HOW: Join us for this profoundly moving experience! The itinerary can be found on HERE or on Biblical Resources’ website. To book, contact Ginny McCabe, Biblical Resources. Email – and Phone – 706-885-0363.

Where will a trip to the Holy Land take you-

LaGrange Featured on MSN Lifestyle!

What an honor! LaGrange, Georgia has been featured in an MSN Lifestyle article titled “Where to Go for a Budget-Friendly Summer Vacation in All 50 States.”

LaGrange and the surrounding area has so much to offer. As the article states, LaGrange alone boasts a bustling small-town feel, a large historic home, and our center. Nearby to LaGrange you will find hiking at West Point Lake, exotic animals in Pine Mountain, and Mr. Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Little White House in Warm Springs.

Take a look at the article! We are thankful to be included in such a wonderful grouping of places to visit.

Chamber Hosts Group Travel Planners

Chamber Hosts Group Travel Planners

More than 20 group travel planners were in Troup County recently to visit some of the many tourism resources the community has to offer. Coordinated by the Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDEcD), in conjunction with The Group Travel Leader publication, and the Chamber’s Tourism Division, the visit included stops at Hills & Dales Estate, Biblical History Center and Bellevue.

After a full day of immersing the visitors in the LaGrange experience, Lacey Cameron, Domestic Business Development Manager for Tourism at the GDEcD said, “LaGrange was awesome. Each attraction was truly remarkable, and the feedback received from the group tour operators was excellent!”

Tourism is economic development in Troup County and Georgia. In the most recent figures available from 2014, Troup County’s tourism industry supported 1,163 jobs, generated $156.3 million in direct travel spending, created $5.3 million in state tax revenues and generated $4.4 million in local tax revenues.

Holly Winner, GDEcD Regional Tourism Project Manager for the Presidential Pathways region, shared the enthusiasm generated within the group saying, “The destinations and hospitality were phenomenal. The group is grateful for the hard work each of the tourism professionals put into making their time in LaGrange wonderful!”

As Executive Editor of The Group Travel Leader, Brian Jewell has seen his share of tourist destinations and was impressed with what the community has to offer. “All of our travel planners were pleasantly surprised by the wonderful attractions we explored in LaGrange. Hills and Dales is a first-rate tour home and garden, and the historical experience at the Biblical History Center was much more engaging and fascinating than anyone expected. I think it’s safe to say that many of these travel planners will return to LaGrange with their clients,” said Jewell.

Tourism will be the focus of the Chamber’s April 12 Early Bird Breakfast as PGA professional and TV personality Charlie Rymer shares his unique humor and insight. Rymer joined Golf Channel in 2008 and currently serves as a co-host for Morning Drive, the network’s daily news and lifestyle program. Tourism professionals will be recognized as the 2016 Tourism Service Star and Visionary of the Year Awards will be presented.

For more information, contact Dave Marler, Director of Tourism, at 706-884-8671 or

Cutlines: Group travel planners from across the U.S. enjoy a tour of LaGrange’s Biblical History Center

The Biblical meal at Biblical History Center was a highlight of the recent visit by group travel planners to LaGrange

All photos credit: By Brian Jewell, courtesy The Group Travel Leader











“Troup Trends” Writes about Biblical History Center

We love to hear the reactions of visitor’s experiences at Biblical History Center. Some leave the Center with a new sense of understanding, other can’t help but exclaim, “I have to tell my friends about this place!” The front desk staff constantly have smiles on their faces as visitors sing praises while walking out the door. Those are the reactions we strive for. However wonderful those personal exclamations may be, it is always touching to read publications about Biblical History Center.

Writers do not have to sing praises. It is his or her job to give an honest account of the experience he or she had at the Center. Because of that, we love it when bloggers, columnists, or travel writers take the time to review their time in written word. Recently, Misty Ree, known locally as the Mystery Traveler, wrote a special article in the Troup Trends magazine. Ms. Ree commented on just about every event that takes place at Biblical History Center. She talked about how her tour guide, Vern, did in fact “cause the scripture to come off the page.” We cannot ask for a better description than that.

Thank you Ms. Ree for taking the time to write your article about us. We cannot express the amount of joy it brings our staff to read such touching words.

Please feel free to read a copy of the article. We have attached it below in PDF format.

“Troup Trends” article by Misty Ree